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He is also a green entrepreneur and the author of 75 Green Businesses and Starting Green. Croston masterfully shows us why we choose short-term thinking over long-term, why we prefer willful ignorance over informed logic, and why we'd rather die than speak to a group of people.

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This fascinating book provides insight into our muddled human nature and answers how to overcome it and live more sustainably. You'll never look at your life's risks the same way again. Croston cleverly points out, although humans are well adapted, through our evolutionary history, to react to immediate risks, we are much less able to respond to slowly approaching, less obvious, future risks.

We are able to anticipate and prepare for a possible tiger attack but unable to stop eating ourselves to a heart attack or to understand the dangers of massive world changes caused by global warming. Croston provides excellent advice as to how we might better respond to these future, long-term risks. Sussman, professor of anthropology, Washington University, St.

Louis, Missouri "Risk taking is not to be idolized, nor should it be condemned. Risk in everyday life is like salt in our soup: the best amount is neither too much, nor too little. That is what The Real Story of Risk shows in an entertaining and informative way with documented data and interesting anecdotes. Wilde, author of Target Risk. Newsletter Google 4. Help pages. Prothero Michael J. Benton Richard Fortey View All. Go to British Wildlife. Conservation Land Management. Go to Conservation Land Management. Publisher: Prometheus Books.

Click to have a closer look. Select version. Eels, whales, arachnids and more are examined, with Henderson's central concern the survival of all this glory in the midst of the biodiversity drain. Wittily illustrated by Golbanou Moghaddas. By Lawrence Weinstein. This follow-up to the popular Guesstimation offers more on the joy of mathematical estimation, and inspiration for the budding analyst.

Physicist Lawrence Weinstein trawls questions from the pragmatic to the bizarre. Among them are his probings of energy, transportation and recycling such as gauging the US plastic-bag pile-up on the basis of hydrocarbon use. He also covers the senses, heavenly bodies, radiation — and the amount of urine in public swimming pools.

By Arthur Conan Doyle. Who knew that Arctic explorers lauded the creator of fiction's most famous sleuth for his own detective work on routes to the North Pole? Arthur Conan Doyle — author of Sherlock Holmes — published the data in the article 'The Glamour of the Arctic' after a youthful stint as ship's surgeon on a Greenland whaler. His diary of the voyage is here reproduced in facsimile, with published pieces inspired by the trip. Hair-raising incidents abound, from a sudden on-board death by peritonitis to the young medic's periodic falls into ice-strewn waters.

By Glenn Croston. Imagine this: you find yourself worrying about shark attacks while crossing a busy road in a daze. Our perception of risk and the reality are frequently at odds, biologist Glenn Croston argues in this jazzily written exploration of the balance between risk and reward.

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The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World by Glenn Croston

Croston marshals a raft of research on why our view of the phenomenon is so skewed, delving into evolutionary roots, our denial of 'slow' catastrophes, the role of lust in colouring our judgement, our need to belong and much more. MG Jun. I too am pregnant right now, and what I expected to be the conclusion of the piece never arrived: that the act of having children at all is an act of climate-change denial.

BROKEN DOWN: My True Story of Getting Lost in the Wilderness

From what I understand, the damage we've done to the planet is irreversible and certainly no efforts are being done on a large scale to even try. Meaning the human race may not have a habitable home in the fairly near future. But I'm sticking my head in the sand and having kids anyway KA Jun. Nice article.

I'd like to know your take on breastfeeding. Is it overated? I can't seem to find clear facts on why it's 'best'.

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CS Jun. Good article. The converse is equally true, though; " Or to cherry-pick the facts that convince us that environmental problems are vastly [understated]. Or to think that those preaching the most alarming outcomes are [are not going far enough]. If someone tells me a used matress is a bad idea for a newborn, I will take them seriously and ask for their evidence. Likewise with climate change. When evidence is forthcoming that increased CO2 in the atmosphere is mainly responsible for the planet warming which it hasn't now for a decade and a half, anyway , then I will take them seriously.

In its absence I will suspect the whole thing is a scam. SW Jun.

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To KA: My understanding about breastfeeding is that it gives important immunity to the baby. Michael Houge Jun. What exactly is your argument? You tried to compare and contrast pregnancy and climate change, but you provided no evidence at all for your cause of abating climate change. You discuss how you are convinced to go along with common knowledge and unproven advice for your pregnancy and subsequent birth, but you provide zero evidence on the unrelated topic.

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