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In advance of the general elections, USIP supported efforts to promote peaceful elections, with a particular focus on youth and women.

The Political Economy of Pakistan's National Energy Policy - Atlantic Council

One USIP partner developed a social media campaign that provided accessible civic education about electoral rights and processes, including avenues of accountability to prevent election-related violence and its many consequences. Multiple videos produced by the program went viral and the campaign overall reached over 19 million people. Convening of peace stakeholders.

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Our events include seminars, closed-door conversations and briefings, senior policy working groups that feed their deliberations directly to USG, and high-level track 1. Tara Kartha and Ambassador Jalil Jilani look at the latest crisis in Kashmir from their respective views.

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Jilani, a career Pakistani diplomat, is a former ambassador to the U. This post represents the views of the authors and not those of USIP.

The Political Economy of Pakistan’s National Energy Policy

Type: Analysis and Commentary. Last week, India made a controversial decision to revoke the special status of the disputed region of Kashmir and sent thousands of troops to quell any potential unrest.

The Muslim-majority territory has been a major source of tension between India and Pakistan since it was partitioned between Type: Podcast. Khan spoke to an audience of U.

The Political Economy of Pakistan’s ‘War on Terror’

Siegfried O. Pakistani and Afghani people are brothers and the warmth, respect, and love is mutual. On people level there are no differences.

I wish you success in your efforts of building people to people contact and civil society linkages, and will welcome you all again and again with open arms and loving eyes. We have to shake hands and take practical steps towards normalizing relations between the two countries.

The Political Economy of Disaster Vulnerability: A Case Study of Pakistan Earthquake 2005

This process can be slow, at times irritating and may move in a to-and-fro pattern but a negotiated peace deal is the only option. It takes two to make peace, but only one to make a war. Forums like these provide people of both the countries to sit together and come up with tangible solutions that could bridge the existing trust deficit between the two countries.

We are on the brink of a breakthrough that could lead to a real peace process. We support any initiative that can play a role in advancing peace cause, closing economic ties and closing people to people and linkages of Afghanistan with Pakistan. These initiatives help to enhance and deepening people to people relations of both countries" His Excellency Janan Mosazai Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Specifically, this research provides an insight into the growing possibility of instability in Punjab.

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  • This research derives implications for stability in a border state with porous borders experiencing increased drug use. Naval Postgraduate School U.