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He recommends the multilateral pursuit of both energy and monetary reforms within a UN framework to create a more balanced global energy and monetary system—thereby reducing the possibility of future oil and oil currency-related warfare. A sober call for an end to aggressive US unilateralism, Petrodollar Warfare is a unique contribution to the debate about the future global political economy.

William R.

Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar

His research on oil depletion, oil currency issues and US geostrategy received a Project Censored Award and was published in Censored He lives in Columbia, Maryland. More Books by William R. Clark See All. Clark also extensively treats the issue of Peak Oil, or global depletion, as a major unspoken factor in the US oil agenda. This book is definitely worth careful reading. In Petrodollar Warfare, William Clark guides us through the hidden history of the petrodollar era and deftly uncovers the basis of current US strategy in the Middle East.

This sobering book not only elucidates our past and present, but shows the way toward global monetary reform. As Clark makes clear, Americas founding ideals can only be fulfilled if the people of the US are willing to confront the twin demons of proto-fascism and kleptocracy. Not only does Petrodollar Warfare give you the big picture of the intertwined world of war, oil, and money, but William Clark also provides ideas for change.

This book helps to fuel the grassroots engine for progress in America.

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King Hubbert and Peak Oil in the first edition of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, not many people were aware that we were fast approaching a worldwide energy crisis. Now were in the middle of two wars over it, as William Clark so brilliantly documents in Petrodollar Warfare. Oil in euros, deceptions from the White House, wars for profits and political power; it reads like a Ludlum novel.

Iran: a case for petrodollar warfare | openDemocracy

Unfortunately, it may well be altogether too true. Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight With Petrodollar Warfare, William Clark provides a badly needed, carefully researched explanation of the deep and dark mechanisms underlying international movements of money and military forces.

Clark tells the fascinating and distressing story of how America achieved world dominance and looks with tough honesty and realism at what the future might hold. If Petrodollar Warfares bold analysis can help more Americans to understand the current pathology of their own extraodinary country, then it will assist both the world and America to find a better path into a less violent and energy-addicted future.

I was amazed by his clarity and almost intuitive grasp of economic issues as well as his ability to relate those to everyday life across several disciplines. Watch what this man says. In Petrodollar Warfare, he may be telling us things that we will need to hear for our own survival. Michael C. Cataloging in Publication Data: A catalog record for this publication is available from the National Library of Canada. Copyright William R. All rights reserved. Cover design and composite illustration by Diane McIntosh. Inquiries regarding requests to reprint all or part of Petrodollar Warfare should be addressed to New Society Publishers at the address below.

To order directly from the publishers, please call toll-free North America , or order online at www.

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How Petrodollars Affect The U.S. Dollar

We are acting on our commitment to the worlds remaining ancient forests by phasing out our paper supply from ancient forests worldwide. This book is one step toward ending global deforestation and climate change. For further information, or to browse our full list of books and purchase securely, visit our website at: www. This study is dedicated to the citizens of the United States, our soldiers, and to the Iraqi people, all of whom have suffered under grave injustice.

Contents Acknowledgments XV Introduction Reported Oil Reserves versus Technical Analysis In addition, I am deeply thankful for the patience and persistence afforded to me by the staff at New Society Publishers, especially the editors, who included Ingrid Witvoet and Judith Brand. Likewise I am immensely gratified for the ingenious and powerful cover artwork created by Diane McIntosh. In no particular order I must thank many other individuals who helped bring this project to fruition.

I owe much gratitude to Dr. Peter Phillips of Project Censored at the University of California at Sonoma, along with the faculty and students who voted my original Internet essay as one of the most important but censored news stories of Additionally, I commend F. William Engdahl for recently updating his fascinating book, A Century of War.

Engdahls analysis of the American Century and division of the postWorld War II period into three distinct economic paradigms was used liberally in the first chapter of this book. Another resource who has deepened my appreciation of current events is Michael Ruppert. The tireless research conducted by Ruppert and the writers at From the Wilderness Publications regarding Peak Oil and global political economy is always very thought provoking. Most of all, I am sincerely thankful to the hundreds of readers from around the world who contacted me throughout with comments, questions, critiques, and even a few graduate thesiss based on my research. Your quest for awareness and clear concern for humanity was the principal motivating factor that encouraged me to write Petrodollar Warfare. I offer this book as a humble gesture to those who continually XIII. This volume is an effort to ultimately enhance the long-term national security of the United States, as well as the world community.

While this book critiques numerous policies of the George W. Bush administration, especially with regard to neoconservative doctrine and the resulting Iraq War, it is important to realize that US politicians of all stripes have become excessively shortsighted in their policy-making roles. More than 30 years of US political administrations have placed the country in a situation with both severe economic and energy challenges that must immediately be addressed with new and alternative solutions. As the author, I bear sole responsibility for the contents of this text. William R.

Clark, March It could have changed for America in ways that would have assured she remained in the ranks of the truly enlightened, liberated nations of Western civilization.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

Instead, it seems, that promise has largely been squandered with a vengeance. The world changed again on March 19, , with the US-led invasion of Iraq. It is almost assured, unless quick action is taken, that this century will become one of fear, oppression, and economic decline for our nation. Our leaders, of both the Republican and Democratic parties, have continued the pattern of self-destructive behavior practiced with increasing disregard of our original purpose and promise as a nation.

The 20th century has often been called The American Century. To be sure, America has much to be proud of from the last century. Our efforts to stabilize and advance the world in two world wars have no equal. Our development of the majority of modern technology and infrastructure driving the world to increasing wealth realization has no equal. And, until recently, our system of distributing the wealth provided by that infrastructure has been the most advanced model ever provided.

We are about to throw it all away. Our increasing tendency to push our model rigidly into other societies of the world is in fact the sign of an authoritarian state. That is coupled with a foreign policy that seeks to protect that states corporate interests through manipulation and intimidation of other governments, directly or through surrogates, backed with both overt and covert projections of military power and intelligence capability. This face of the American presence in the world is too little talked about or analyzed by the citizens of the United States and especially the general media.

Most of it is shielded from view through the system of government security classification measures. From the late s to the s, for good or ill, many of these force projections were driven by Cold War politics. Our ongoing shoving match with the Soviet Union protected some countries but trampled many smaller countries underfoot.