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By 10 p. Without her, none of this reunification would have happened. On Dec. It was Brother! Six days earlier I had sent a large box full of photos and documents to his residence.

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My persistent, stubborn refusal to give up had yielded results. The next few months were chocked full of our making calls to each other. I became attached to his children and made three visits to California to see them. In June , I formed an organization, Bonding by Blood, Unlimited, a non-profit that helps people find their biological families. My third graders loved every single minute. But the survivors were also there to inspire. Standing just a few feet away were the disciplined and earnest Homenetmen Scouts, standing at attention in their crisp uniforms and taking turns holding the flags of the United States, Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh throughout the program.

The close proximity of these two generations — those who survived to tell the story — and those who will continue the memory — culminated in a silent promise of never forgetting, which emerged as the theme of the afternoon as politicians and guest speakers promised the survivors that their struggles and stories will continue to live on.

Schumer reiterated his commitment to the Armenian Genocide Resolution in Congress and to the significance of its passing. Drawing on his own background as an Asian-American who immigrated to the US at the age of 5, Liu spoke of his long-time contact with the Armenian community in Flushing, Queens, where he and his family settled. Growing up in Flushing, he said he learned of the Armenians and became involved in the community there, which included visits to the New York Armenian Home, which has served as a residence for survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

Peter Koutoujian, Sheriff of Middlesex County, Massachusetts and a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, delivered meaningful remarks tinged with emotion as he reflected on those killed and injured during the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, in which he was an instrumental figure in the capture of the perpetrators. He tied in the innocence that was lost in the senseless tragedy to the innocence lost during the Armenian Genocide almost one hundred years ago. He referred to the difficult journey of his own grandparents, Abraham and Zarouhi Koutoujian, who fled their home in Marash during the Genocide.

Koutoujian noted that he learned of patriotism for his country and his people from his family, who sought refuge from religious persecution in the US. In his remarks, Dr. As a result thousands were dying from lack of food and many more were enfeebled by malnutrition; I believe that the empire has lost a quarter of its Turkish population since the war started. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, elaborating further upon conditions that affected Turk and Armenian alike; from his ghostwritten book, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story.

As far as I know the principal order pertaining to the deportation of the Armenians was given on May 20, In any event it was the result of a decision of the Young Turk committee and it had the unanimous approval of the ministers. The implementation of the orders was left to the Valis, the lower echelon officials, and especially the horrible police force.

In any event, I consider it my duty to state that, in the five years I was in Turkey, I never saw an order signed by Talaat against the Armenians and neither can I testify whether or not such an order was ever issued. It's interesting to note that since the Germans were, for all intents and purposes, behind the workings of the Ottoman war machine, how is it possible that the main German commander would not have come across any government-sponsored genocidal order?

If a government decides to commit genocide, they would have to let local officials know about such a policy Bussche, a German diplomat, February 28, , wrote the above on the basis of information received from the German Consulate in Sivas R , "File " and "Turkey41," archives of central building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of German Empire.

Another version of this communication has been translated as: "The Armenian bands carried out overwhelming destruction at Erzincan. They literally eradicated the whole population living in villages. Besides that you have killed more Armenians than ever lived in the districts of the uprising.

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The fate of those people was sad enough without having to be exaggerated as you have done. Of course, if we are to take it for granted that we of the West are saints, then the Turk is any good. You will agree with me, no doubt, that the Turks count among the few gentlemen still in existence Ultimately truth will prevail. Schreiner, distinguished war and political correspondent having served in Turkey from February through the end of , in a no-holds-barred, extremely critical December 11, letter to ex-Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, regarding the latter's unethically falsified, ghostwritten book Ambassador Morgenthau's Story.

He does not know how to do so The Turk is thus the worst possible champion of his own cause. Anyone in possession of the facts could state his case much better than he can state it. I was extremely surprised at the helplessness of the Turks to avail themselves of a powerful organ of publicity ready to give them fair play Whittaker, the Times correspondent Tell them that if they want the truth told they must let a correspondent manage things in his own way. Thus almost every bit of news I obtained came to me independently of Turkish sources, and was the result of my own individual efforts.

In the absence of unequivocal evidence that the Ottoman administration took a specific decision to eliminate the Armenians under their control at that time, British governments have not recognized those events as indications of genocide Nor do we believe it is the business of governments of today to review events of over 80 years ago, with a view to pronouncing on them This was the right decision for the time.

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The unfortunate result was that no one spoke for the Turks". Because of the assistance given by the Armenians to invading Russian armies in , , and , the Ottomans decided they could not trust the Armenians, much as the United States, with much less justification, decided they could not trust the Americans of Japanese ancestry in World War II.

What passed between the Armenians and the Turks was not genocide; it was war" "If any people were the victims of genocide, it was the Crimean Tatars, victims in their own homeland of a planned extermination begun by Catherine the Great and ended by Joseph Stalin.

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They were in danger. Yet they stopped whenever they could to kill the innocent Muslims of Erzurum, despite the risk to their own safety. This kind of hatred and madness cannot be explained. It is often falsely claimed that the Turks committed a genocide of the Armenians.

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Yet this was the real genocide, a genocide of the Turks. The two parties forego their rights to ask for damages because of the changes which took place as a result of the general war. Armenians, on the other hand, are provocateurs in a single word. I explained [to] them the stupidity of wasting on the Azerbaijanis, the weapons that we gave them to use on the Turks. The Turk obeys the dictates of his religion, the Christian does not; the Turk does not drink, the Christian gets drunk; the Turk is honest; the Christian is a liar and a cheat; his religion is so overgrown with the rank weeds of superstition that it no longer serves to guide his mind.

Lord Robert Curzon, Armenia: a Year at Erzeroom, and on the Frontiers of Russia, Turkey and Persia, London John Murray , ; Curzon, somewhat of an adventurer during his youth, lived among the Armenians for a year in the s, and found little to admire Everywhere justifies the proverb, that the Greek defrauds 2 Jews, but the Armenian defrauds 2 Greeks. Certainly, if you have been defrauded in Anatolia, so you had a business with an Armenian" "When I had business with Turks, I didn't need a written document, because his vow was enough.

When I had business with Greeks, I was in need to sign the written document, because it is important for them. But when I had business with Armenians, I didn't sign any documents, because even the written document can't provide a barrier for their mendacity and intrigue" German traveler, from the book "Outlines of Anatolia," p.. Turkey "is known only for its mistakes and its brutalities. Islam prevailed because it was the best social and political order the times could offer.

What good does it do anybody?

source link The stories of Turk atrocities circulated among American churches are a mess of lies. I believe that the Greeks and not the Turks are barbarians. Source: The Turkish Myth, Here is what the colonel thought of the Armenians, according to Dr. Richard Hovannisian. Cyrus Hamlin, co-founder of the American missionary college in Istanbul Robert College , opining on anti-Turkish propaganda. A "celebrated correspondent," on his return "from the seat of the last Balkan war," paraphrased by C. Dixon-Johnson, British author of the above book.

The enraged Moslems will then rise and fall upon the defenseless Armenians and slaughter them with such barbarities that Russia will enter in the name of humanity and Christian civilization and take possession. Cyrus Hamlin, in an American magazine article Rear Admiral Marc L. Bristol, in his March 28, letter to Dr. James L.

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Given modern Armenia's abominable treatment of minorities, Admiral Bristol was right on the money. These negative preoccupations and obsessions are obstructing our evolution. George W.

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Bush, United States President, in a message to Armenian-Americans, during April 24 the commemoration of the Armenian "Genocide" , where he also reminded his Armenian citizens that "Transcending this venomous pattern requires painful introspection about the past and wise determination to forge for a new future based on truth and reconciliation.. Among the leaders of the past we consider those who curse Turks and killed Turks to be the most patriotic. Our most recent heroes are those who assassinated Turkish diplomats in European cities The activist, publicist and "ancient historian" also claims that Armenians "were the aborigines of the Armenian plateau who have been living there continuously since the fourth millennium B.

In general, for an Armenian, anti-Turkism and patriotism are directly proportional. Then they spoke of the hell that would break loose if Versailles were to put, as threatened, the six 'Armenian' vilayets of Turkey under the control of Erevan. Muslims under Christian rule? His lips smacked in irony under the droopy red moustache.

That's bloodshed — just Smyrna over again on a bigger scale. Robert Dunn, American officer in Eastern Turkey, ; upon hearing a conversation between British officers. Even the thought of it cannot go beyond being a raw fancy. Lieutenant Colonel T. Williams Labour Party M. Hence the Armenians are the bankers, merchants, mechanics, and traders of all sorts in Turkey. Besides, there exists a congeniality and community of interest between them and the Musulmans Pashas to peasants owe them Oscanyan, Armenian author, The Sultan and his People, , p.

For exact wording, please click link. During this period, which we regard as the most bountiful and favourable one of all, Armenians advanced in every field and could reach higher positions by showing themselves and earning confidence and trust of the Government. Kenan Evren, President of the Turkish Republic, ; it would take a generation before the Americans got the idea.

In some towns containing ten Armenian houses and thirty Turkish houses, it was reported that 40, people were killed, about 10, women were taken to the harem, and thousands of children left destitute; and the city university destroyed, and the bishop killed. It is a well-known fact that even in the last war the native Christians, despite the Turkish cautions, armed themselves and fought on the side of the Allies. In these conflicts, they were not idle, but they were well supplied with artillery, machine guns and inflicted heavy losses on their enemies…".

George M. Regarding the 'evidence' against the Malta Tribunal deportees : " Very few were available, that Armenian Patriarchate at Istanbul had been the principal channel through which information had been obtained, and that none of allied, associated and neutral Governments had been asked to supply evidence Sir H. The Gladstone Cabinet invited the unpleased ones, classified them, put them in order and promised to support them.

Henceforth, the propaganda committee was established in London which was going to be the source of inspiration. For example, there was a mayor here.