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Oh loneliness - oh hopelessness To search the ends of time For there is in all the world No greater love than mine. Love, oh love, oh love Still falls the rain Still falls the night Be mine forever It was a romantic fancy, an infatuation that could never go anywhere, but Castiel allowed himself to indulge in it.

Dean had awoken up a part of him that had been dormant, a part of him that longed for passion and to be adored. It had been a part of him Castiel had thought might be missing completely until Dean had appeared in his life. He knew some the boys went there as a dare, a right of passage, but he had never been that sort of boy. He had no interest in visiting the bones of the dead and gone Winchesters.

The sun had vanished and it was cold outside now.

Even in the middle of summer, it was cold at the school. Castiel shivered involuntarily. Castiel tilted his head.

Love Song for a Vampire

Dean was not normally this evasive. Whatever he had to show Castiel, it could not be a rare species of plant or a flower he had cultivated and grown in secret.

Love Song For A Vampire

Dean would have bragged about those. This was something different, something Dean was nervous about. Maybe, Castiel thought, a thrill of pleasure running through him, Dean wanted him away from the school so he could kiss him without fear of someone peering through the windows seeing them. He was not convinced Dean felt a romantic interest towards him, but he still hoped that he might. The mausoleum was a suitably private and somber place for a forbidden tryst. Castiel knew the vague direction of the mausoleum, but Dean seemed to know it by heart. He led them determinedly through the grass which had been allowed to grow long, through the shadows of the trees that had sprung up in the fertile ground, to the old stone mausoleum that housed the bodies of the Winchesters.

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Castiel knew a little of the Winchesters. They had been an old family, a family who had survived the reformation, but who had succumbed to illness and tragedy. A fire had killed the last lady of the house and her youngest child. Her husband had died on the battlefield, and their heir had wasted away by himself in their fine house. The macabre nature of their lives and deaths were fascinating to the young men up at the school.

Castiel was about to laugh, or maybe to scold Dean for playing a trick on him, but then he looked down at the name and his voice caught in his throat. He suspected that Dean was not lying at all. In fact, he suspected that Dean was completely truthful. I tried the boys who left their windows open, but none of them were right.

Then you sought me out, Cas. You saw me and came to talk to me.

Annie Lennox - Love Song For A Vampire Lyrics

None of the others ever did that. I want to offer you immortality. I know you want me, I know you dream about me. I want you too, Cas. I want you forever. Castiel looked at Dean, really looked at him. He saw the paleness under his freckles, the ethereal glow to his green eyes, the long white sharpness of his teeth. He had dismissed the rumors as preposterous, but now the vampire was standing before him, offering him an eternity together.

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He was unwanted, difficult, a problem rather than something welcomed with open arms. Dean laid him out across the length of his tomb. His kisses were hot while the rest of him was cold. Only problem was that we didnt dare tell the parents the name of it. We just lied and said we didnt know,it was a song from a film. As my husbands dad is a vicar we didnt think he would have been happy to have a song with the word Vampire in the title played in church. General Comment this song brings shivers to my spine some times I think the love it speaks of is very deep General Comment beautiful, haunting, chilling, enchanting.

General Comment Beautiful song. I first heard it on Bram Stoker's Dracula, I think it fits the mood of the film perfectly. General Comment Awesome song.

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Very inspiring. It totally fits the film. Can't say much more than that. General Comment I love this song, totally agree with everyone else, very haunting and chilling. This is love eternal! General Comment i agree with jamajessie; that happened to me too Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!