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Officials have refused to speculate about the cause of the teens' deaths. The discovery of the bodies concluded a day manhunt that began in the western Canadian province of British Columbia and spanned about 3, miles across five provinces. The body discovery concluded a day manhunt that began in the western Canadian province of British Columbia and spanned about 3, miles across five provinces. The search zeroed in on the Nelson River pictured after a local tour guide spotted a blue sleeping bag tangled in willow trees in the water last Friday.

The body of botanist Leonard Dyck, 64, was discovered on July 19 on a BC highway a mile away from an abandoned and burning pick-up truck Schmegelsky and McLeod had been driving. The heartbreaking saga began on July 15 in the western province of British Columbia when the bodies of Fowler and Deese were found in a ditch beside their broken down blue Chevrolet van.

Police determined that the Dodge belonged to McLeod, who had vanished along with his childhood best friend Schmegelsky.

Stolen Child

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported the teens as missing on July 19, fearing that they had been killed or kidnapped by whomever committed the murders of Deese, Fowler and Dyck. RCMP would later investigate the area and ultimately locate a damaged boat and the two teens' bodies nearby, he claimed. Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy said she is 'confident' the bodies belong to the suspects.

An autopsy will be performed to confirm their identities and cause of death. Residents living around Gillam who have been on edge for over a week since the suspects were spotted in the area finally got some relief when the bodies were found. While Schmegelsky and McLeod are currently the only suspects in the three murders, police say their investigation will not close until it is proven they were responsible.

Speaking in British Columbia on Wednesday, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Kevin Hackett said there is 'significant evidence' linking the scene of Fowler and Deese's death to that of Dyck's death, but none linking the victims together and no proof the murders were targeted. Survival experts predicted the teenagers would struggle to stay alive if they attempted to hide in the swampy, bug-infested wilderness around Gillam without shelter and equipment. The blue Chevrolet van they were driving on their road trip through Canada is found nearby with a blown-out back window.

RCMP reports the teens as missing, fearing that they had been killed or kidnapped by whomever committed the murders of Deese, Fowler and Dyck. August 1: Police begin searching the province of Ontario, 1, miles from where the pair were last seen, after reports of a suspicious vehicle near Kapuskasing.

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August 2: Police say the sighting of the pair in Ontario was not credible, as Lucas Fowler's friends and family hold an emotional memorial for him in Sydney. Local tour guide Clint Sawchuk spots a blue sleeping bag in the Nelson River outside Gillam and contacts police. August 6: The search diverts to the town of Sundance, which has been abandoned since , and once housed a murder suspect for three years. August Autopsy confirms the teens died of self-inflicted gunshots. Police discovered a wrecked aluminium boat on the shore the next day. Scroll down for video. They also provide clues that fill the gaps of her own remembrances from the fateful night Dania disappeared.

The authors recently took some time to sit down with The Big Thrill and answer a few questions about their latest collaboration. From the Sahara Desert to Iceland to the United States, the bodies pile up, and long-buried secrets threaten to destroy the people she loves most. Halvorssen is an internationally-recognized expert on environmental issues, particularly climate change. She has authored numerous scholarly publications.

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Halvorssen exposes the greedy practices that cause climate change and the people who cover it up and destroy the world in the process. This suspenseful tale carries more truth than fiction. In a nutshell, she wants to reach a larger audience. The years that author Tim Washburn spent working in the television business are demonstrated in the cinematic scope and feel of his thrillers, which feature the struggle for survival in the face of cataclysmic disasters.

Some of these disasters come compliments of Mother Nature, others from human machinations. But all are disturbingly plausible. Or maybe, like so many of us, he just likes a good, heart-pounding read. Achieving that balance is no easy task—especially for an author without a high-tech background. I try to be accurate about the technology I do include, yet I try to use it as sparingly as possible.

When the mysterious Joshua offers him the opportunity to go back and fix his mistakes, Walt is willing to risk everything for a second chance—even if it means reliving the tragic death of his parents. But as the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Mayer is an Ontario-based author whose debut title, The Suffering , was released in November Between promoting his newest release and getting his next novel ready for publication, Mayer took time to answer some questions for The Big Thrill.

By Charles Salzberg. Chamberlin, opens with a bang. Evil can lurk anywhere—including in the opioid epidemic of today—if allowed to take root. The novel is less about the treachery of war than about dangers that were averted and the victories sustained for our safeguard today.

When a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounds all European flights, Anna meets a man, Will, who will change her life. She is soon sucked into a Baltic quagmire of sex trafficking and Russian mobsters. Her first, Dare to Remember , was published in Beard spent time with The Big Thrill this month to share more about the inspiration for her latest release:.

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What inspired you to write fiction in general, and psychological thrillers in particular? Working with PR clients always involves writing this piece of copy about that subject. As a novelist, I discovered the wonder and freedom of using my imagination in my work. The psychological thriller bit was by complete chance—my first novel was simply a story I wanted to tell. Then I realized that this was my niche and carried on. Like most writers, Karna Small Bodman started her adult life with a day job. Not an ordinary day job, like waiting tables or working in an office, but two day jobs in a row that uniquely prepared her to write a series of award-winning international thrillers.

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From there, she progressed to senior director and spokesman for the National Security Council. She had always wanted to write novels, and now was the time.

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All for naught, Belle obsesses over the teachings of her oldest brother, awaiting his arrival, as she creates her own brotherhood, leading each additional brother to victory over a string of terrible crimes. When Beau finally shows up at her doorstep, he does so as a devout man of God, looking to prove to his family that his time in prison changed him for the better.

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