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When someone has wronged you, learn how to let it go. If someone apologizes to you, thank them for it and mean it. Nothing makes living more unbearable than the ongoing feelings of anger and resentment. Travel is fatal to xenophobia.

If you need to save, then save. If you need to plan, then plan. But, by all means, go.

Life is interesting because tiny differences can create completely different cultures. As you learn of new ones, try not to lose the one that others will also, someday, want to learn of. You have influence.

It may be over just a few people or it may be over millions; only time will tell. Use your persuasive powers to make the world a better place to live for everyone. It takes the same amount of effort to do something good as it does to do something evil, so you may as well work to make things better.

Life was not meant to be lived in completely safety.

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Do something meaningful but uncomfortable with your time every single day. However, you can make a huge step in the right direction by taking just a tiny one today. Find something that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster and go do it. Not everyone will hold the same values that you do. Not everyone will work to make their own world a better place to live in. Some people will ignore their duty to others and some will actually try to make it worse. The next time you see a piece of trash literally or figuratively , pick it up.

The whole world is depending on you. The only way to get where you want to be in life is to take what you do seriously and do it as often as possible. Take what you do seriously, and people will notice. Take what you do very seriously, but never at the expense of having fun. Life is far too short to deprive yourself of enjoyment. Relax a bit. Work your ass off, but make it a good time — not just for you, but for everyone around you, too. When you make the decision to do something remarkable, the odds are always stacked against you.

The people who succeed the most in life usually fail the most, too. Nobody really cares about that, though. The idea is to slowly tip the scale towards success. Those that have won before you are the ones that made the rules. This is the cycle of life. You were either born capable or born able to become capable. Be thankful every day for what you have because tomorrow it could be gone. No matter how little you own, remember that there is always someone with less. Never give up your drive. Be grateful every day for what you have, but never let an accomplishment stop you from pursuing another.

If you ever get the idea to try something new, try it. If you want to make something, make it. If you want to change something, change it.

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  • Lutz and Susi make you feel at home and comfortable. Are favorate feature is still the outside shower and clothing optional swim choices, heck know ones around, it's truely paridise! There was intermitent rain showers and clouds which resulted in some awesome sunsets and a much appreciated breeze. The lagoon is spectacular for snorkelling and I realized there were even more species of fish to be seen. We found 3 freindly reef Octopus.

    Most mornings we sat at the edge of our terrace enjoying our tea watching the water for baby black tips sharks passing through while feeding.

    บริการเปิดพจนานุกรมอัตโนมัติ ติดโพย (PopThai)

    I also spotted Eagle Rays again while snorkelling early in 4 feet of water at the shoreline. My fish count from the lagoon has increased and I've post some of the better shots. Susi also arranged scuba diving with Hiro the owner of Raycrew. Hiro is a pro and the diving is exciting and beautiful. We will return again next year! They are one of a kind and it's amazing they have been able to create this unique private boutique resort. Travel tip: Always be prepared with essentials in your carry on luggage when traveling to remote destiations. Shopping tip: Reimers is where you meet the boat to transport to the island.

    NTS | The 10 Best Places to Visit in Namibia

    They have a well stocked small shop of handmades Marshallese items. There was a gal weaving on when we walking in I should have gotten a picture but I was so excited to find should amazing craft work. The airport also has some choices but not as much variety. The magic of Bikendrik started as we climbed into a small motor boat and sped across moonlit waters of the Majuro lagoon. We pasted dark outlines of fishing trawlers moving further from the city. Our small boat veered to the right where a golden-hued light appeared.

    We had arrived. Lutz and his wife Susanne welcomed us on the wooden pier. Warm lights illuminated the main house with its wide veranda and our cozy cottage with its sublime waterside location. The guest cottage is decorated in bright white wicker furnishings with indoor and outdoor bathing areas.

    A stylish glass sink basin adds to the charm in the bathroom along with the cleverly folded towels and Bulgari toiletries. The outdoor shower is nestled among flowered bushes. I particularly loved the decorative use of jumbo sea shells and nautical striped towels. Breakfast followed on the veranda.

    Homemade croissants and bread, juice, strong coffee, fruit and the best treat of all…. Reading, napping, swimming and answering the occasional email filled our days. Our favourite was an Austrian version with ice-cream and Tia Maria. Heavy silver cutlery and serving pieces created an elegant atmosphere…. Downton Abbey meets the tropics.

    Extraordinary Places

    The high back antique wicker chairs gave a very royal feeling indeed. One evening it was fresh lobster tails. The next Austrian roast pork and dumplings. And our third evening, roast duck and apricot sauce. Each meal served with a carefully selected wine. Our favourite dessert was an Andalusian chocolate mousse with almonds served in tiny Meissen expresso cups. Digestifs followed…. A rich history and life experiences make for lively discussions over drinks or meals. Interesting books fill the bookshelves and fascinating art and artefacts hang on the walls.

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    Our private island retreat ended as the little motor boat pulled up to the wooden dock. We waved warm farewells as Bikendrik receded from view. This will be a life-long memory. What is resort? Have you been to resort?


    This time we my wife and I have been to resort and this is the first time to experience the resort for us. There are only owner Mr. Kayse Lutz and Susanne , cottage, fine dishes, transparency lagoon and comfortable time. Before went to Bikendrik, I was a little afraid how can I spend hall two days without T. But it was needless anxiety.